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Nonkeen – The Gamble

Die Aussage aus der Zeit würde ich beileibe nicht unterschreiben:

Frahm hat sich, vom breiten Publikum bisher kaum wahrgenommen, zu einem Star des Hipstertums entwickelt.

Schon gar nicht, wenn man Platten im sechstelligen Bereich verkauft. Und die Konzertsäle bzw. das Radialsystem in Berlin innerhalb kürzester Zeit füllt. Karten Mangelware! Aber gut – in anderen europäischen Städten gibt es ja noch Karten.

Das spricht doch für ein breites Publikum. Da kann die Band Nonkeen noch so unbekannt sein und in einem wunderschönen Polaroid Retro-Look schwelgen. Nils Frahm ist massenkompatibel! Das stört nicht!



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Grandbrothers – Dilation

Punkt, Komma, Strich – fertig ist das Mondgesicht. Zurücklehnen und genießen.

Classical, yet forward-thinking; expressive and emotional, yet with one foot on the dancefloor.

Tickets gibt es wie gewohnt bei Koka36. Weiterführende Erhellung dann direkt vor Ort und auch hier schon mal zum nachlesen (Randnotiz – schicke Website).

Grandbrothers are Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel. After meeting at university in Dusseldorf, Erol and Lukas formed Grandbrothers to tie together their respective musical backgrounds and disciplines: Erol is a trained jazz pianist, while by day Lukas constructs synthesizers at Access Music. Together, they create a sound that combines classical composition with modern, experimental production and sound design.

Their first song, ‘Ezra Was Right’, earned an early supporter in the esteemed Gilles Peterson, who included the track on his Bubblers 10 compilation and played it numerous times on his Worldwide radio show for BBC Radio 6 Music, with the song eventually being voted #7 by listeners in his end-of-year poll in 2013. A full EP on FILM followed – backed by remixes from legendary Manchester DJ Greg Wilson, Optimo’s JD Twitch, and Kim Brown – which sold out its initial run within ten days.

Now, Grandbrothers present their debut album, Dilation. The product of two years work, Dilation builds on some of the ideas established on ‘Ezra Was Right’ while exploring further elements of minimalism, ambient music, IDM, and techno. Tracks start as repeated two or three note patterns, which gradually develop into sweeping, cinematic soundscapes, recalling the structural and rhythmic qualities club music as much as it does the work of a composer like Steve Reich, as well as Ryuichi Sakamoto’s collaborations with Alva Noto.

Surprisingly, there are no synthetic sounds on Dilation: Erol and Lukas deliberately restrict themselves to the sounds of the grand piano across the album. “We wanted to make modern-sounding music using classical instruments,” Lukas explains, “Instruments with a lot of history.”

To achieve this modern sound, Lukas developed an unusual system for playing the piano. Drawing on his technical background, he created a series of electromechanical hammers that could be controlled via laptop (on software that he designed himself, no less) to ‘play’ the piano. This process allowed the duo to discover new, previously unknown sounds – sounds that couldn’t be achieved through conventional playing – which give the record its unique sonic qualities.

“’Dilation‘ is a physical term for expansion and widening,” Erol says, “We see the project as an experiment: how far you can go with a piano? How much you can get out of it, soundwise?”

With further manipulation using loops, effects, and amplification, Dilation is an album that covers an extraordinary range of sounds despite coming from such a small, unorthodox setup.


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Tobacco Burn

Decades before the Civil War, the actions of a brutal overseer spark the fire of revolution on a Southern tobacco farm. TOBACCO BURN is a short film based on a real American Slave Narrative and chronicles true events, creating a portrait of one community’s fight against oppression.

Die Retrospektive zur Entwicklung des Films findet Ihr bei Kickstarter. Richtig gute Investition. Chapeau an Regisseur, Crew und die Unterstützer.


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Tricky presents Skilled Mechanics – Beijing To Berlin feat. Ivy

Nicht schlecht soweit. Der Promotext muss einfach mal reichen:

The enigmatic voice on the single’s A-side, „Beijing To Berlin,“ belongs to the Chinese rapper and producer Ivy 艾菲. Tricky explains: „I was in Beijing for a show and I met this guy who managed her. She’s so different! So raw! The strange thing is, I’ve had the track for a while but I only just found out that she’s not rapping in Chinese. I ain’t got a clue what language it is. I have no idea. It might be completely made up but whatever it is, it sounds wicked. I’m lucky that with my label, False Idols, I don’t need to worry about things like this. I’m never going to have an A&R guy saying to me, ‘We don’t understand what she’s saying.’ Because we don’t need the support of commercial radio. It was my real good luck meeting her and she’s definitely going to be on the next Skilled Mechanics album as well.“

Für noch mehr Kontext empfehle ich das Interview mit Tricky aus ZEITMAGAZIN Nr. 4/2016. Das kommt im Video nicht vor, aber dieses Zitat hätte man auch sehr schön bebildern können:

Wo ich wohne, ist Ghetto. Um mich herum sehe ich lauter Türken, vor meiner Tür ist ein kleiner Park, in dem alle Joints rauchen. Es gibt da ein paar Typen, mit denen ich mich bestimmt nicht anlegen möchte. Das sind keine Hipster, Mann!